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One of the critical components of Search Engine Marketing is to index all the pages of the website so the search engines recognize them with ease. But, this is a task that is easier said than done and needs expert knowledge and skills to accomplish this job to perfection. Despite doing a good job, there are times when the search engines fail to recognize and index pages because of some problem that cannot be fixed.

AcclaimDomains has come up with a trademark spider that has been specially designed to imitate the job of the search engine spider. This spider performs critical checks across your entire website to detect problems that prevent your web pages from being recognized and getting indexed. This ensures that every web page is optimized to perfection and can be easily recognized across various search engines.

All pages are developed based on white hat SEO practices to ensure the reputation of your website and business is well protected. The ability of our SEO experts to provide real time interpretation of the results alongside steps to better them ensures increased traffic to your website. AcclaimDomains also provides with a detailed report of the SEO program which highlights the critical features including:

  • On page tags
  • URLs
  • Meta tags
  • Site Design
  • Issues with server

A thorough diagnosis of the cause is needed before we take any step to fix issues related to organic search. To know more about the report and the tools and to implement them to increase the ranking of your web pages by driving the right audience to your website, get in touch with get it touch with us!

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