Always a step ahead of competition

Offer cost effective solutions to increase your customer
and get your cash registers ringing all through the year

Bridging the Gap between You and Your Customers

By consistently being able to provide scalable and credible customer acquisition and retention models without charging an arm and a leg for our services, we have been able to get to the top of the vertical marketing business. Our ability to analyze the market trends and the customer oriented approach we undertake to help businesses grow has helped us forge strong bonds with all our clients. The fact that we offer business solutions at costs that are lesser than 50% of the cost charged by our competitors has also helped us reach out and help more businesses with each passing day.

Personalized business strategy

Different strokes for different folks! No two business strategies we develop are identically similar. We work in close collaboration with our clients to clearly outline the goals and objective of the business, including the pricing details. Based on the inputs from our clients, we come up with a personalized strategy to create brand awareness among the desired target group and propagate the brand message across potential audience on the internet who are looking for the products and services you have on offer. The target audience is then channelized by AcclaimDomains towards your business offerings within in the timelines decided at the onset. To control the volumes of the leads and to ensure optimized quality levels, we consistently subject the media to various tests.

Customer engagement

Each day, AcclaimDomains plays host to thousands of visitors to the innumerable websites that we currently serve. The network of website that we serve across vertical will help clients leverage their business ideas and messages to a larger number of customers. You can be sure that potential clients will see the message your business sends across every time they run a search for related products and services.

Provide a perfect match

We don't believe in directing every person who comes looking for information. We ensure that the needs of the customers are in line with what your business has to offer before we direct them to your website. By doing this, we ensure that almost every visitor to your website brings you the business you are looking for. The strong partnership we share with our advertisers and the large publisher network we work with helps us deliver the number of leads you are looking on a regular basis, even when the market conditions seem slightly challenging.

Helping customers reach out to clients

At AcclaimDomains, you can be rest assured that the desired levels of lead volumes will be met within stipulated timelines without overriding the cost restrictions. The innovative technologies we use here help us easily analyze the market trends and optimize the marketing program to suit the changing trends to make sure we don't compromise on the number or the quality of leads we generate for your business. The fact that we eliminate the unwanted leads at the preliminary stage ensures that the ones that reach your sales team will help you make business and bring in the profits you are looking for.

Continual Marketing

The highly skilled in-house staff at AcclaimDomains that prides on its creativity and editorial capabilities specializes in creating niche websites just to spread your brand awareness among a wider audience. This increases the face value of your business and also the number of qualified clicks you receive on your website.

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