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Daily Position Ranking

AcclaimDomains believes in delivering the right results right from the start. Once our team of experts starts work on your website, you will surely start seeing visible results right from the onset. The web pages get indexed by various search engines. The website also starts climbing up the SERP rankings. The impact of the chosen keyword can be seen through the results on the search engines. As we progress with the SEO campaign, the ranking will continue to increase further.

Ensuring that the ranking we achieve is sustained over a long period of time requires as much effort as getting that particular ranking. We believe in continuously tracking the progress we make and ensuring our customers are made privy to the efforts we are putting in to ensure their business grows exponentially. Every step that we undertake as part of our SEO Campaign will be documented and sent to you on a daily basis. The report will clearly details the various optimization techniques undertaken and the keywords chosen to improve the ranking of your website.

In order to ensure the accuracy of the reports we send to you, we use some of the most technologically advanced tools. These tools are exclusively designed for the purpose of determining the success of the SEO campaign.

The Daily Position Ranking report will assure you of the progress of the campaign in the right direction and will ensure we provide you complete value for your money.

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