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Buy and Sell Online Businesses - Frequently asked questions

Do I need an online broker to help me sell my online business?

The need to avail the services of an online broker to sell your online business is the same as the need to avail the services of a real estate agent to sell your personal or commercial property.

  • You will be able to get a better price for your internet business if you decide to opt for professional brokers. The experience that the brokers have in this particular field, their ability to arrive at the right value for your business and the way in which they will portray and market the sale of your company across various platforms on the internet will prove to be very advantageous to you.
  • The other benefit of opting for a professional broker is that you can proceed with the operations of your business while the professionals take care of the various details associated with preparing your business for sale. We will not only estimate the right value, but also prepare the relevant documents, negotiate the terms of the sale and close the sale without any problems. We will ensure all the legal and financial intricacies involved in the sale are well taken care of.
  • Opting for professional brokers will also help you spread the word about the sale of the business in the market without having to reveal yourself. Your employees, clients and even competitors will not be privy to your intentions until after the sale has been finalized.

What is the benefit of choosing AcclaimDomains to sell my website business?

AcclaimDomains is a specialist in the field of selling online websites. As website brokers, we have helped hundreds of clients sell their online businesses, and know the various factors that go into developing an online business. The ten years of experience that we have to our backing also enables us to understand the importance of your business and present it the right way to prospective buyers.

The team at AcclaimDomains has a clear understanding of the significance of selling an online website. The process that we follow to ensure a smooth sale includes keeping you in the loop at every stage of the sale. You can find updated information about your website business by contacting us in person or by logging on to our website or just emailing us.

What is the duration taken to sell the website business?

The time takes to complete the sale for each business varies. The main factors that impact the duration of the sale are the price of online business, profitability of your business and the ability to negotiate terms that are favorable to the buyer and the seller. Over the ten years we have spent in this industry, we have realized that the time taken to sell a thriving business which is reasonably priced and offers favorable terms is about three to six months.

Will I receive constant updates about the progress of the sale?

At AcclaimDomains, we strongly believe in keeping the customers updated at every stage of the sale in order to prevent any communication gap. Establishing good communication at every point is our utmost priority. All through the process of the sale, we will keep the details of your business up to date. Our team will also be in touch with you to keep you informed about the current status and you will also have 24 hour access to it on our website.

What should I, as a client, provide you with to help you sell my business?

You can be assured that we will take care of every process of the sale. However, we do need some information from you to understand the details.

  • Crucial business information and financial data to help us compile the relevant documents.
  • Help in arriving at the right price for your online business.
  • Constant updates about the changes being made to your business and its impact.
  • Permission to co-ordinate on your behalf with all the prospective buyers and qualify each of them.
  • Ensuring your business operations proceeds smoothly all through the sale process.

Do I have to finance my sale?

A prospective buyer may request for the seller to finance the sale. This request may be put forward for varied reasons. One of the reasons may be that the buyer would like to channelize his capital towards the operations of the business. This also gives a chance to the seller to prove to the buyer that the online business put up for sale is a viable prospect and has the ability to generate a constant stream of revenue. It is important to remember that a certain degree of flexibility is needed while negotiating the terms of the sale so that you and the buyer are satisfied at the end of it.

How will my business be marketed?

We will first ready your business for sale by valuating and fixing the right price and preparing certain basic documents. We will then advertise the sale across various websites that have a lot of web traffic. We will also place your sale on the Wall Street Journal and other Internet Business Listings that have high viewership. We will also find other websites pertaining to your niche and establish links with them advertising the sale. In addition to this, we will also send out personalized emails to the people listed in our buyer database and also some of our existing clients.

How will you protect the confidentiality of my business information?

All the process of the sale, we will ensure complete confidentiality of all the information that you give us. We understand that the financial data of your company, the client database and the other operations associated with your website are highly significant and hence treat it with utmost care. We adopt a conservative approach towards the sale and only the people who have an important role to play during the sale will have access to the business information you provide us. Before passing on your information to the prospective buyer, we will ensure that they sign an NDA, which is a document that safeguards your business information.

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