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CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. A style sheet is a set of formatting rules that help web designers define the look and feel of their web pages (say, layout, fonts, colors, etc.). Style sheets are used to separate web page content written in a markup language (HTML, for instance) from its presentation.

There are three types of style sheets, and these are author style sheets (created by web designers), user style sheets (set by the user of the web page) and user agent style sheets (default style sheets applied by the web browser).

CSS simplifies the process of updating web pages when it comes to new appearance since web designers can change it by changing just one CSS file. Style sheets can be inserted in three ways: within the head of your HTML document (affect a unique style of a single page), in an external file (affect the look of several web pages or an entire web site) and within a relevant tag (affect a style of a single element).

CSS gives lots of benefits to your web site in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), such as more accessibility, easy maintenance, clean, simple and readable HTML codes, reduced size, increased download speed, and more. In other words, CSS makes your web site SEO friendly.

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