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Google AdWords

AdWords is Google’s system offering pay–per–click advertising. Google AdWords allows advertisers to drive traffic to their websites by placing their ads on Google’s search result pages relevant to users’ search queries.

To set up Google AdWords advertising campaign advertisers create their ads, decide on keywords associated with their AdWords ads and their maximum bid for a click. The most distinctive AdWords feature is that advertisers pay only when Internet users click on their ads. To take control over their budgets and to approach bidding wisely advertisers limit their daily budget and Google allows them to do so.

AdWords ads are shown along with organic search results as sponsored links or ads by Google displayed on the right side of the screen or just above organic search results. These ads are quite short composed of a heading, two text lines both strictly limited in characters and a URL.

Advertisers strive for having their ads at the top and it is up to Google to decide on ad positions. If you want your ads to hit the top mind your bids and click through rate (CTR). No doubt, the higher your bids and CTR, the better.

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