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Offer individual approach when evaluating your online business
for sale and choosing its potential buyer

How we appraise the business and find the right buyer

One of the first steps towards the sale of your online business is to appraise it and arrive at the right value that would do justice to the money and effort you put in over the years to set it up. There are a number of aspects that go into finalizing the price for your business. Some of the factors that have an impact on the price are the profitability of the business, the year to date financial information and the ongoing earning potential of the online business. The standard financial metric that is used to calculate the price for your business is EBITDA which takes into consideration all the aspects including taxes, earnings before the sale, amortization, depreciation and interest. We will calculate the value of the website using these metrics and also review your website and provide suggestions that you can incorporate in order to increase the value of the sale.

Once we have completed the task of valuating and appraising your website, we will prepare the relevant marketing and advertising documents for the sale and run them through you. On getting approval from you, we will go ahead and advertise the sale of your business across various verticals. We will also market the business by listing it on prominent websites that are highly visited. We will also tap into the potential of the social marketing media to increase the visibility of the sale.

Once the responses to these advertisements start coming, we will field all the queries on your behalf. We will weed out the people who are just toying with the idea and qualify the ones that are truly interested. We will take into consideration the experience the prospective buyer has in the industry, his financial ability to buy the website and the terms and conditions they may have before we qualify the buyer and move on to the process of negotiating the sale.

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