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the whole process of selling online business

How we help sell the business

At AcclaimDomains, we have years of experience in selling online businesses. We are very different from the conventional brokers because we do not combine the marketing of traditional businesses and internet businesses. The fact that we solely focus online on listing and selling online business ensures perfection in the task that we do.

In addition to being online brokers, we also provide vertical marketing services. The people who work at AcclaimDomains and our partners have successfully sold innumerable business over the span of ten years that we have been in business. We have a thorough understanding of the various aspects of internet businesses include e-commerce, models based on membership, pay per click businesses, affiliate businesses and the importance of Web 2.0 and social networking. We totally understand and appreciate the effort that goes behind creating a successful online business. Now that you would like to put it up for sale, you can be rest assured about the utmost level of professionalism and quality all through the sale process. We will ensure that the sales process is absolutely profitable to you and helps you get the best return on your investment.

As compared to the traditional real estate industry, the concept of selling online businesses is relatively new and more challenging. Since this is a relatively new aspect in the industry, there are a number of challenges that we may have to face. However, with the experience of AcclaimDomains backing you up, you can be sure that we will successfully overcome any challenge with ease.

We offer a comprehensive range of brokerage services. Ranging from understanding your business goals, arriving at the right prices and analyzing the financial data to fielding queries of prospective buyers, qualifying them, preparing the documentation and getting the Purchase Agreement signed, we offer all these services. We can even suggest financing options and escrow agents to take care of the secure fund transfer during the sale.

For us, it is not just the various processes that we follow, but the way we undertake them that matters. The dedicated and thoroughly focused team at AcclaimDomains will keep you updated at every stage of the sale and provide you with relevant reports that show the progress.

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