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Keeping a close eye on the sales process and arranging services
of escrow agents to protect interests of both the seller and the buyer

Escrow Services for Your Online Business

Once we have decided on the perfect buyer for your online business and negotiated on the right cost for the sale and even gotten the purchase agreement signed, the only process that remains is the transfer of the money safely from the buyer to the seller. In order to make sure that this process is accomplished smoothly and no party loses money in the process, we engage the services of escrow agents who efficiently manage the process.

The assets that are a part of the sale and the price of each asset will be clearly discussed during the sales process and will also be outlined in the purchase agreement. The purchase agreement will also document the process in which the control of the business and assets will be transferred to the buyer by the seller. The escrow agents are responsible for receiving the purchase amount from the buyer and place it on hold while all the terms and conditions of the sale are met by the seller and the ownership passes on to the buyer. Once this process is accomplished, the escrow agents will release the funds to the relevant party.

We will arrange for the services of the best escrow agents in the industry today to ensure the interests of the seller and the buyer are well protected and the sale proceeds without a hitch.

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