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Financing the Sale of your Website Business

At AcclaimDomains, in addition to helping you negotiate the right price for your online business, we will also help prospective buyers arrange the finances they are looking for to make the purchase. Sellers always prefer that the money owed to them is paid in full during the time of the purchase itself. However, it might be difficult for some credible buyers to arrange for the money. There is a certain level of flexibility needed in terms of finances while closing the sale and most often than not, it results in higher purchase prices which translate as better profits for the seller.

Some of the typical financial arrangements are as follows:

  • Zero Financing - There are certain buyers who can fund the purchase without any third party interference. Though the process of purchase speeds up, the buyer will look forward to a better discount to making prompt payment in cash.
  • Financing by Banks - In certain cases, the buyer will apply for a loan from the bank to fund the purchase. The seller, in this case, will receive the amount of sale directly from the financial institution.
  • Financing by Seller - The potential buyer may discuss the terms of payment of purchase with the seller. The buyer may opt for pay the initial down payment and pay the remaining amount on an installment basis over a specific period of time. In this case, there is an interest fee associated with the pending amount that will be paid as monthly installments. While there are many reasons for buyers to opt for seller financing, one of the main reasons is to verify the business's ability to make enough money to not only cover the operating costs, but also generate profits.
  • Other options such as a joint ownership and operating on a profit sharing basis cannot be ruled out.

Our experienced sales team will collaborate extensively with you and the buyer to arrive at the best financing option that leaves both parties happy!

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