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We do consider secrecy and intellectual property related
to your business as things to be esteemed and kept to

Confidentiality of the Sale

At AcclaimDomains, we completely understand the significance of your business related data and we ensure we leave no stone unturned in safeguarding it. Every single aspect of the online business, including vendor list, customer database and financial details is treated with utmost care. Our conservative approach ensures that only the people closely associated with the sale are made privy to these critical data. This also ensures that no intellectual property related to your business is misused by any person or company.

The information about your business that you share with us to help you with the sale will be held confidential and will be shared only with qualified buyers genuinely interested in the sale. There are a few criteria that we take into consideration before we divulge this data to the prospective buyer:

  • They prospective client will have to give us the basic background about their business and their financial ability to make the purchase. This is one of the main qualifying criteria to find the most appropriate buyers for your online business.
  • They will have to provide an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) before they are made privy to the confidential details related to your business.

The NDA that we will draft will be comprehensive and will clearly outline the details of who can view the information that is being provided. The NDA will also outline that any information shared with them during the process of the sale should be duly returned. As a part of the NDA, the buyer should also certify that they are not our client's competitor and the only purpose of receiving your business related information is to enable them to evaluate your business before making the purchase.

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