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Collecting data speaking for your online business and advertising
your business
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Website Business Marketing

Once we have helped you arrive at the right value for your online business, we will work with you to create a business presentation that will impress the prospective buyers. We will use the data provided by you to create a presentation that will focus on the positive aspects of your website business.

The first step towards creating the perfect presentation for the buyer is to assimilate all the data and facts that we get from you. We will also work with you to understand the nature of your business and to collate data. We have a two way approach towards collecting the necessary data for marketing your business across various platforms. We will first collate the basic details about your business in the form of a questionnaire and then, we will collect the financial data that describes the performance of your online business.

Using this data that we collect from you, we will come up with the company prospectus that show cases your website, the business goals, the strengths and positive aspects and also provide an impressive overview of your online business and its operations.

We will also create a financial summary for the prospective buyer to review. This document will contain the details of the profits and losses, the calculation of profit margins and the YTD results of your business. Both these documents put together will provide a clear insight to prospective buyers and will help them understand the nature of your business and make a well informed decision.

In addition to assimilation of all critical business information and documenting them for the buyers, we will also advertise the sale of the online business across our entire set of websites in the new and featured listing sections. We will also advertise the sale by personally emailing prospective buyers and by publishing across various web portals, thereby reaching out to a wider audience.

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