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On Page Optimization

On Page Optimization is one of the most important, but commonly ignored aspects of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). As implied by the name, this process refers to optimizing each page of your website in order to help search engine algorithms recognize and index them easily. Every aspect that is involved in designing the web page needs to be taken into consideration during on page optimization.

The team of experts at AcclaimDomains have been able to leverage this concept for various clients, across various verticals, and achieved results that went beyond client expectations. The coding of the page, and the various elements that are a part of the code, play a vital role when optimizing the page.


Keywords are an integral part of on page optimization. We choose the keyword for each page of the website using sophisticated tools that choose highly targeted keywords that are relevant to your business and the page. Choosing highly competitive keywords will give you an upper hand over your competitors since the SERP ranking of your page will improve automatically. We take into consideration various factors such as traffic patterns, probability of conversion, the competitiveness of the keyword, number of times it has been searched for and the long tail phrases that can prove to be beneficial for your page before we make any recommendations.


The images that are embedded on the page also play an important role in on page optimization. Naming the pictures and doubling them up as hyperlinks will help in increasing the page ranking.

Internal linking

Internal linking also has a big role of play in on page optimization. While the site map will help understand the hierarchy of the pages, linking pages to one another based on the content present will also work in favor of your website. At AcclaimDomains, we help you achieve this process by providing keywords that can be inserted in the text on one page so it can be clicked on to lead to another page that provides relevant content.

Coding on the page

Proper coding of the page is important in order to optimize it to make it search engine friendly. The in-house coding experts at AcclaimDomains who have been rendering their services to various clients across the world for many years now are adept at coding any page to perfection. They realize the importance and value of certain tags and specialize in coding each page so they are not only search engine friendly, but also load onto the system easily. The lesser the page load time, the better the chances of your page climbing up the SERP rankings.

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