Always a step ahead of competition

Considering every web design aspect to make your website
friendly both for end users and search engines

SEO Web Design Service

The website platform used to design your website determines how effective your SEO is going to be. At AcclaimDomains, we specialize in creating websites that are not only liked by search engines, but are also appealing to the end users. We ensure we take into consideration every aspect of design that is going to make the search engines effectively recognize and index your website. The aesthetic appeal that our web designers infuse into your website ensures a majority of the web traffic is converted to sales.

Logo and Brand Development

The development of the brand and the right propagation strategy is what determines not only the profits, but also the recognition and loyalty. The in-house team of specialists at AcclaimDomains ensures proper brand positioning that makes it stand out from competition and make an impression in the minds of people. You can view the logo and brand development samples here.

Usability Design and User Interface

The web design, in addition to being SEO friendly, should also be user friendly. In order to ensure your customers get the right business message when they reach your website, we will come up with the information architecture process to determine and understand your business goals. We also take into consideration what customers would like to see on the website and their view point and their goals and objectives when they visit your website. We work towards ensuring a perfect balance between your goals and expectations vs customer goals and expectations. Our ability to provide detailed recommendations in terms of both technique and structure will also work in your favor.

Search friendly design

The website professionals at AcclaimDomains have a thorough and in-depth knowledge of every aspect of their field and specialize in creating web designs that search engine friendly and also easy to interpret. Their experience in designing websites that rank high across various search engines will prove to be valuable to any business. You can view a few sample web designs here.


We not only specialize in creating simple websites that do not need excessive coding. We also are experts in building complex codes and deploying them to perfection to take you a step ahead of competition. Irrespective of your needs, we can build the kind of website you are looking for.

Setting up WordPress (CMS) and Training

If you need help in getting started with WordPress for your blog or website, we are always here to help you. The focus of WordPress is to better the web standards, usability and aesthetics of the website. The flexibility it imparts in creating a user friendly and search engine friendly website makes it a popular choice. Once WordPress has been installed, you can easily upload new content on a regular basis and keep search engines continually indexing your blog or website.

Application Development

If you want us to create, deploy, integrate or develop any type of software into the blog or website, we can do it easily without any flaws. Just give us your specifications and we will take care of the rest for you.

Ecommerce Implementation

If you are planning to conduct business online, you cannot compromise on the safety and security offered by the website. AcclaimDomains specializes in creating, adding or upgrading the shopping cart on your website to ensure convenient, trackable and secure.

Social Media Application Development

With the social media websites gaining popularity on the internet, it is time you caught up with this trend and channelized it towards improving your business. Leave it to us to design various games, tools, widgets and applications specifically targeted to social marketing sites that are directed towards your business.

Content development

It is important to strategize content on your website as well to stay ahead of competition. You can give clients something worthy of a read and also increase your chances of getting indexed by a search engine by continually coming up with informative and interesting content on your website. Our team of writing professionals can deliver content that has a fresh feel to it and is optimized for better results.

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