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Social Media Marketing

The most commonly visited websites on the internet these days are social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. It is imperative to harness the potential of these websites to promote your business and spread the message across a wide range of global audience. Your presence in these top social media sites will not help in increasing the brand awareness, but it will also increase the traffic to your website.

The social media marketing services we provide at AcclaimDomains is sure to bring in the right target audience to your website to improve your business. Your online brand will be promoted across search engines and various social media websites.

The social media marketing services we bring to you includes the following:

Development of the social media strategy

Competitive Research: We perform a comprehensive research for your online business including keyword research in order to help us determine and design the right marketing strategy for your business. We also establish a thorough understand of how your competitors are faring and where they are active while determining the marketing strategy.

Idea Creation: At AcclaimDomains, we have an in house team of experts who brainstorm for newer ideas and concepts that are in line with your business goals. We will provide you with an actionable plan, alongside strategy, to enhance brand awareness across various platforms on the internet.

Social Media

Profile Creation: We will create your business profiles based on the social media services you opt for. The profiles will be customized and optimized to meet your business expectations. The innovative tools we put to use at AcclaimDomains will help us come with the list of social media sites across which your brand awareness has to be further improved.

Monitoring: Every social media profile we create for your business will be monitored on a regular basis. Ranging from offering you the authority profile status to interactive actively within the community, we will take care of everything for you.

Online and Brand Reputation Management

Brand Management: It is important to evaluate the brand thoroughly to determine how it has fared in the past, the way it looks currently and the way it needs to be portrayed in the future in order to safeguard and protect the online reputation of the brand. This process also helps in building an effective social media marketing campaign that can deliver better results. At AcclaimDomains, we used advanced search techniques to find out what third parties feel about your brand currently and their views through the course of the campaign. This will help us come up with a better strategy for the future to propagate your brand.

Advanced Reporting: Through the course of working for you, we will provide you with regular reports that highlight critical aspects such as click through rates and statistics. These reports will provide you with information about the work we are doing for your brand, how your competitors are faring and other statistics that reveal the progress your business has made in the current month.

Corporate Blogging: Corporate blogging may prove to be very beneficial for your online reputation management. It will not only herald you are an authority in the field of your business, but it will also serve as an important source of information for your prospective customers and help in link building. We will provide you with a complete strategy for your corporate blog, ensure it is implemented to perfection and even generate reports that show how successful it is.

We will also provide you with viral marketing services that can enhance the visibility of your website multi fold. Ranging from pictures to videos including contests, authority articles and compelling texts, we will ensure the viral marketing pieces make an impact. Here is what you can expect from the viral marketing services we provide:

Implement and Monitor: We will ensure we implement the viral marketing strategy keeping in mind the interests and needs of the potential clients. We will take various factors into consideration before making the right choice.

Reports and Statistics: We will put in our best to ensure the success of the viral marketing campaign for your business. We will provide you with periodic reports to track the progress in terms of traffic, rates, and backlinks.

Partner with us today to create effective strategies for viral marketing, social media marketing and linkbait content and see the difference!

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