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Valuation of your Online Business

The first step towards selling your business to the rightful party involves establishing the right price. The value associated with your online business also speaks a lot about the earning potential of your website. The annual profit made by your online business is considered to be the earning potential. There is a standard calculation for estimating the value of your online business. The financial metric used to place a value on the online business is called EBITDA, which is an abbreviation for Earnings Before, Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization.

We will help you arrive at the value of your online business by calculating EBITDA and also considering the cash needed to keep the operations running. We will also help you arrive at answers to a few questions that will provide answers to calculate EBITDA.

  • Is the business making profits every year or is it at a plateau or trending towards losses?
  • The duration for which your online business has been in existence
  • Is your domain name a big branded name or a dotcom?
  • The current ranking across search engines
  • Paid and organic web traffic
  • Does your business hold any proprietary products, services or technology?
  • The number of emails/ entries in your customer database
  • The type of industry your online business deals with
  • The technology and assets that will be a part of the sale

We will work in close collaboration with you to arrive at the right value for your website based on all these variables. The objective of the sales team at AcclaimDomains is to enable you to get the best value for your online business.

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